Woman contributed just as much to the Revolutionary war as men. Not just cleaning and sewing uiniforms, but actually fighting.

A colonial Woman's point of veiw working hard at home making uniforms and tending to hurt soldiers colonial woman were just as important to the Revotlutionary was as the soldiers.

                Woman during the Revolutionary war weren’t just your average stay at home moms. Some did do housework and stay at home, but some also fought and contributed greatly to the colonial side of the war. There were actually some women brave enough to break the gender barrier and fight in the war.


                Deborah Samson disguised herself as a young soldier to fight in the war. She signed up for the whole war. She even had a fake name, Robert Shirtliffe. But then she got hurt. Of course in the infirmary they found out that she was a girl. Because she was such a resilient fighter when she recovered her general sent her to give a letter to Washington. Of course she couldn’t fight anymore. You go girl! J This proves that woman contributed greatly.


                Some woman also did housework. An average life of a woman back then would be to marry and stay at home. Patriot’s wives would stay at home and work. Dealing with children, and cleaning uniforms. Of course a Loyalist’s wife’s life wouldn’t change all that much.


                Of course the life of a patriot woman, and a loyalist woman would be very different. There priorities were different. Patriot woman would focus on learning codes and getting jobs close to Loyalist to learn information. While Loyalist woman would just work and focus on being proper. It was kind of similar to the soldiers fighting in the war.


                The Patriot soldiers did anything to win. They didn’t focus on order or doing things properly. They just wanted to get things done. They wanted to get down and dirty and win the war. They weren’t meticulous. They put there heart and soul into winning, and THAT is how they won.


                The British soldiers were very cocky. They went into the war thinking they were going to win. They were very orderly when it came to fighting. They went into the war thinking they were going to win. The soldiers probably didn’t even try to hard, and thought that nothing could go wrong, wow, they were surprised.


                I think the woman of the Revolution were similar to the men. Just like the soldiers they were different in mind set. All of the people in the war contributed to it, even the woman. Everybody helped. And the Loyalist contributed to it. I think that each and every person made a difference.

Amazing woman in the warand peace, 1996, AUG link Communications inc.