Life as a Loyalist

     Loyalists were American colonists who fought for the Kingdom of Great Britain and the British Monarchy during and after the American Revolutionary War.  They are the people who are loyal to King George III.  They were also called the “Tories” or the “King’s Men.” They were known as the “Red Coats” for their big bright red suits. 

     Their enemies were the Patriots, the Patriots were the colonists.  A group of people who fought for the thirteen colonies.  The Loyalists thought of them as untrained soldiers, and they were correct. From an Americans point of view a Loyalist was a traitor who turned against the colonists to go with the British government.  From a Canadian or British point of view the Loyalists were the honorable ones.

      The Revolutionary War lasted almost 10 years, 1775-1783.  They started the Revolutionary War because the colonists were tired of all the acts and Protests, all they wanted was freedom.  So the Patriots fought for their Independence.  The Patriots gave up a lot of their time to fight in the Revolutionary War.   

     Some Loyalists did not fight in the Revolutionary War because they were not dissatisfied.  They were probably the wealthy ones who didn’t have problems with taxes or anything.  Patriots would insult the Loyalist.  Mostly because they did not believe in the same cause.  Not everyone agreed with each other in the time of the Revolutionary War, there were many differences and problems between people.

      Neutralists were people who lived too far away or just didn’t want to fight, or they believed in both Loyalists and Patriots principals.  Another group of people who didn’t want to fight was the Quakers.  Quaker is a religion, and the people in that religion just wanted peace, or didn’t fight because fighting was against their religion.  People mistakenly referred to them as Loyalists because they chose not to fight. 

     During the Revolutionary War, most Loyalists wanted to be separated from others, like the Patriots.  But no one seemed to care what they thought.   
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