The Patriot's point of view

Patriot Soldiers

What if you had just moved from across the ocean to a new land to get away from the predjudice of the crown? What if the place you just escaped from started trying to put taxes and laws on your colony without your government's permision? Wouldn't you want to stop them? Well, that is what the colonists did. They fought and resisted. They even boycotted British goods hoping that the British would lift the taxes and laws. This page will give you a feeling for how some of the colonists felt about the war against Britain.

The Point of View of the American Soldier                                 

                Imagine if someone from way across the ocean was trying to tax your food and goods? What if you were trying to get away from always being taxed and discriminated for who you were? Well, that is what the colonial soldiers believed in; freedom. They left England to get away from the taxes and the forcefulness of the crown. They came to the USA to start over on their own. This is what I think the patriot soldier may have had going through his mind when they started fighting the British.

The colonists came to America hoping to be able to make their own laws and set up their own government.  They wanted to be able to practice their own religion and create their own laws. Unfortunately, the British didn’t plan on laying off. They started taxing them again and making life so much harder for the freedom seeking colonists. There were differing opinions of the fight with the British. Some people disagreed and others thought that they should fight. Here are some of the soldiers’ opinions on the battles. Most of the colonists believed that they should not be getting taxed and having laws made for them by the British who were the very people they were trying to get away from. Patrick Henry thought that a battle with the British was inevitable considering the fact that there were only two options; retreat or fight. He decided to fight for his freedom from Britain. Other colonists thought that a battle with Britain would be futile. John Adams tried to consider other possibilities instead of war because he thought that the British would easily defeat the colonists with their well trained army. He even defended some of the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre in court. Although many thought it unwise to battle with Britain, there were many rebels willing to fight.

 Samuel Adams was a man who fought against the British by word of mouth. He spoke out and got people riled up and gave them reason to fight saying things such as “If our trade be taxed, why not or lands, or produce… in short everything we possess?” He said that the British taxed the colonists without representation. Samuel Adams helped plan the Boston tea Party and started protests of British taxes and laws. Paul Revere was another man who helped warn of approaching British at Lexington. Thomas Paine wrote many pamphlets disagreeing and arguing against British laws and unfair taxes. He wrote Common Sense which was giving reasons to fight out against the British and helped the moral of the colonists rise in a time when everything seemed jumbled and lost saying “these are times that try men’s souls,” in one of his pamphlets called The American Crisis.

Those are just some of the many men to fight against the British rule during the American Revolution. Would you have been on e of them to fight?