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British vs. Americans in the Revolutionary War
There were many different rolls in the Revolutionary war. We have chosen 5 to focus on:
-Patriot soldier
-Loyalist Soldier
-Native american
-African American Soldier
-Woman of the Revolution

The Revolutionary War

     The Revolutionary War was a war for independece between the British and the American colonists. The war was a series of battles. Both the Americans and British won the different battles. Many different events lead up to the war.
     The British were starting to treat the colonists like they weren't English citizens. They were being taxed directly, even though the colonists didn't have representation in Parliament. They were doing unfair things like the taxation, and much more. The colonists became outraged and then a war started. events before war timeline:
1. Treaty of Paris 1763
2. Sugar Act- 1764
3. Stamp Act- 1765
4. Townshend Acts- 1767
5. Boston Massacre- March 5, 1770
6. Tea Act- 1773
7. Boston Tea Party- December 16, 1773
8. Intolerable Act- 1774
     The War started with the Battle of Lexington and Concord and then continued until 1783 when the Treaty of Paris 1783 was made and ended the war. The Americans won and became free from the control of England, but the men who fought were not the only ones who lead to this victory. Many others helped in the backround. On this site there are different articles about the war, from the point of views from people behind the scenes.